Oral Health Observatory

Despite the widespread nature of tooth decay and other oral diseases, reliable, standardized global data are limited. Oral health data is rarely integrated in national disease surveillance, particularly in low-and middle-income countries.  

Launched in 2014, the Oral Health Observatory (OHO) is an FDI initiative to generate standardized data on oral health. The analysis of the collected data will provide the basis for advocacy work carried out by FDI, National Dental Associations and other interested stakeholders.

GSK is currently supporting the deployment of OHO in 10 countries.

OHO has developed an app and online questionnaires to facilitate the analysis of current oral healthcare needs for patients and dental practitioners at the national and global level.

The patient and the dentist submit data on the patient’s oral health status, quality of life, health habits and other health determinants via the app. An additional online questionnaire collects specific data on the participating dental practices.

Mobile App

The OHO is currently only available as a mobile App, freely available for any dentist to use, and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and App Store:

App Store badge

Google Play store badge

To get the most out of the OHO app, we encourage participants to request a user account from FDI. Registered users can log-in to the OHO app and will receive updates from FDI about the data collected in their practice. To register, please contact Sean Taylor, Education and Public Health Coordinator.

Staff contact

Sean Taylor portrait
Education and Public Health Coordinator
Sean Taylor
T +41 22 560 81 49

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