Oral Health for an Ageing Population

Oral diseases are not an inevitable consequence of ageing but can be reduced or prevented through simple and effective measures at all stages of life.

The Oral Health for an Ageing Population (OHAP) partnership seeks to strengthen the link between dental practitioners and healthy longevity. By focusing on the importance of oral health in ageing populations, the oral health community can play an essential role in ensuring that people age in a healthy and supported way.

FDI and GC International AG launched OHAP in 2015 to ensure oral health challenges are addressed in broader health policies for ageing populations.

OHAP actively promotes research on oral health in ageing populations and pursues opportunities for improved oral disease prevention and treatment for elderly patients. A conference dedicated to the subject is organized every two years.


Next steps

OHAP is developing a strategic document which will guide communication and advocacy on oral health for the elderly, as well as the development of practical guides for oral health professionals and patients.

The strategic document will also highlight a series of actions that interested stakeholders can take to positively engage with the elderly community.

Staff contact

Charlotte Fine
Education and Public Health Manager
Charlotte Fine
T +41 22 560 81 33