Dental Ethics Manual

Dentists and other health professionals must abide by a rigorous set of ethical standards of conduct due to their profession and position of trust within society.

As the FDI General Assembly supports initiatives to conduct ethics-related activities, FDI is developing a second edition of the Dental Ethics Manual.

The new Dental Ethics Manual will be an updated, practical guide for dentists, with specific examples of ethical dilemmas that dental practitioners may face in the workplace. It will be tailored to dental students and be published online to reach a large audience. The second edition is also meant to better prepare dental practitioners to uphold an exceptional standard of care throughout their careers.

Next steps

In 2016 and 2017, the Dental Ethics Working Group drafted the second edition of the manual. The layout of the second edition will be completed and ready for publication in 2018.

Staff contact

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Tina Hong Kaiser
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