List of Honour

02 February 2016

The prestigious List of Honour recognizes FDI members who have made an exceptional contribution to the advancement of dentistry throughout the world.


02 February 2016

FDI Sections are smaller groups of oral health professionals who develop a specific area within the dental profession.

Task Teams

02 February 2016

Task Teams and Working Groups are established by the Council to consider matters which are not falling within the purview of any Standing Committee.


02 February 2016

FDI has five Standing Committees, each with a particular sphere of activity and expertise. They are accountable and report to the Council.

Council Committees

02 February 2016

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of three members: the President, the President-Elect and the Treasurer, with the Executive Director as an ex officio member. The Executive Committee acts on behalf of Council between Council meetings and is to report actions taken to Council.